Medicine in Bad Places was started in 2008 by Shawn Soler, with the help of friends who wanted to help others train for scenarios that are not the normal everyday jobs we response to. Over the last 11 years, Medicine in Bad Places has networked and collaborated with like minded instructors from Law enforcement EMS & Fire departments from around the country.  Our goal has always remained the same- offer quality training and consulting to anyone that holds the line of safety for others.  In 2018, we as a company expanded and hosted one of the largest Tactical Medicine and First Responder conferences in the NY downstate area, which brought together all first responders to train together for today’s ever changing world. In 2019, Medicine In Bad Places starting outfitting schools and corporations with Bleeding Control Kits and "Stop the Bleed Training". We will continue to train and help everyone we meet along the way.

“No one trains to lose “

WE AT MEDICINE IN BAD PLACES represent a cross section of the largest and busiest municipal public safety agencies in the country. Our members bring years of specialized training and extensive experience in responding to some of the largest and most complex tactical, mass casualty/fatality, counter-terrorism & rescue related incidents that our nation has experienced

Shawn Soler, Principal Owner - Shawn Soler has been  a first responder for the past 25 years.  He has served as a Paramedic as well as a Detective in the NYC area .  He is qualified as a rescue specialist as well as a medical specialist and founded Medicine in Bad places in 2008. Shawn has deployed to all over the country to help others develop programs that can save lives in today’s ever changing world. Shawn is a certified NAEMT instructor, CPR and First Aid instructor.

Scott Thompson, Instructor - Scott is a retired New York City Dept. Of Corrections Gang Intelligence Unit / Fugitive Apprehension team member, an NYS EMT-B and NAEMT TCCC Instructor. Additionally, Scott is a  firearms academy and NRA Instructor and he is a trainer and Instructor to dozens of agencies as an expert in both National and International Gangs, Hate Groups, and White Supremacists. Scott has over  20 years law of enforcement experience and currently works part-time at several agencies.

IN ADDITION TO OUR COURSES, We also offer full consulting services as well as an array of basic and advanced medical services specifically tailored for theatrical standbys, remote medical services, and personal basic and advanced medical details for individuals or private functions.  All of these services are provided by highly trained professionals who are on the cutting edge of industry standards in all disciplines of pre-hospital emergency care.