MIBP Bleeding Control Kit

This is the original Medicine in Bad Places Bleeding Control Kit! We created a custom Bleeding Control Kit with quality equipment from the companies that are the most trusted in the industry.  Each kit is packed with gear that can be removed and placed into a medkit or carried in the plastic its stored in. 


Group packages are available for orders of 10 or more. 


The kit includes the following items:


1x CAT Tactical Tourniquet (Generation 7)
1x ETD 4” Bandge
1x Compressed Gauze

1x Trauma Shears

1x Instruction Card
1PR Nitrile Gloves (Large)


MIBP Bleeding Control Kit

  • If any part of our IFAK kit is used for rescue we will replace the items used at no cost to the end user.  User will have to fill out request for replacement, and give a few details of how the equipment was used. We stand behind ALL of our products and thank you for trusting us to provide this service.