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Introducing the revolutionary MagSafe Dual Charger - the ultimate wireless charging solution that takes convenience and efficiency to a whole new level!


🔹 Double the Power: With the  Dual Charger, you can wirelessly charge not one, but two of your favorite Apple devices simultaneously! Whether it's your iPhone and AirPods or two iPhones, say goodbye to multiple chargers cluttering your space.


🔹  Thanks to the powerful New technology, your devices will magnetically align perfectly on the charger, ensuring a secure and efficient charge every time. No more fumbling with cords or misaligned charging pads!


🔹 Fast Charging, No Compromise: The Dual Charger supports fast wireless charging, delivering an impressive charge speed for your compatible devices, so you can get back to what matters most in no time.


***NOTE: Charging cord not included

MIBP Phone charger w MagCharge

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