Please note: This class is open to firefighters, EMS, military members, police officers, first responders, and professionals working in the medical field.

Patrol Response to Active Shooter with Shield and TEMS Integration

Ballistic Shield Use During Active Shooter Events

This course of instruction will teach patrol officers clearing techniques used in structures during searches and active shooter situations. The officer will learn deliberate and dynamic searches. The shield teams will integrate with responders and form rescue teams. The students will learn to properly position the shields to maximize safety of responders and victims during triage and movement. This is a fast paced course with mostly hands on instruction.

This class is for both Police officers and rescue personnel tasked with entering warm or potential hot zones while conducting rescues. 

Equipment needed:

Ballistic shields (we can provide)/ Ancillary gear used during active shooter events / note book / hydration etc.

Patrol Response to Active Shooter with Shield and TEMS Integration- Pete Segreti- Saturday, November 7, 2020
Nassau County Fire Services Academy,
300 Winding Rd # 1, Old Bethpage, NY 11804, USA