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Shawn Soler, Principal Owner

Shawn Soler has a remarkable 29-year tenure as a dedicated first responder. During his illustrious career, he fulfilled roles as a Paramedic, Police Officer, and Detective with the NYPD. His extensive qualifications extend to rescue and medical specialization under FEMA's NYTF1. Recently, Shawn retired from the NYPD, culminating his service with the esteemed Emergency Service Unit.

Shawn's service history includes a decade as a Tactical Paramedic within the ESU's Apprehension Team. His commitment to enhancing public safety transcends his retirement as he now serves as the founder of "Medicine in Bad Places," a distinguished training and consulting company specializing in the comprehensive training of modern-day first responders.

Shawn's expertise and dedication have taken him across the nation, where he has lent his knowledge to the development of life-saving programs tailored to address the ever-evolving challenges of the contemporary world. In addition to his extensive experience, Shawn holds national certifications as an instructor and boasts a wide array of instructor certifications, underscoring his commitment to the education and empowerment of fellow first responders.

Picture of Shawn Soler
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